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26 Aug 2008


If you’ve happened upon this page, you know that I tend to write my Musings from time to time. What began as an area for me to write about my thoughts, feelings and experiences in photography has grown into much more. A public diary of sorts, my Musings have apparently in some cases garnered more viewers than my imagery dammit!

In any event, this page along with some of my images have brought me to meet and get to know many of the people I now call close friends and one woman who has become the person I’ll spend the rest of my life talking with and sharing our life’s events. Amazing.

And so my friend who I happened to meet through this blog, eventually in person and who I oh so affectionately refer to as that Damn Diane Varner or That Varner Woman has harped, yes harped on me to try to combine my Musings with my imagery. I have given this much thought and although I’m not sure if it’s a great idea, I thought that I’d give it a try here first.


My favorite subjects as is evident in my work is the human condition, or more accurately humanity. The vast majority of pieces I present here are of expressions and those expressions often belong to people whose names I do not know, nor have they intersected my life before my shutter fires. Some, as in the image I present today are of those who are less fortunate than me, the homeless. In every city, in every state and in every country there are those who are homeless. No matter what the reason for their condition, being homeless is a state that no one should have to endure against their own choosing. But beyond their situation, there is something that each of us fails to consider when we encounter the homeless, acknowledgment.