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08 Feb 2014

Oakland School for the Arts – Dance Emphasis

Publicity photography for Oakland School for the Arts – Dance Emphasis. These images feature seniors from their 2014 Class. This is my third year working with this remarkable company. They are choreographed and coached by Reginald-Ray Savage and Alison Hurley.

03 Feb 2014

Evita – Broadway by the Bay

My publicity imagery for Broadway by the Bay‘s production of Evita.

04 Jan 2014

Fuji X100S in Commercial Use

My X100S was utilized in a commercial shoot for Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s 2014 Beethoven Festival Banner (80 feet by 18 feet) which hangs on the side of their building. I chose to make the image with this camera due to its leaf shutter. This was shot with a studio strobe and a parabolic 51″ modifier at f11, 1/640 shutter speed to reduce the ambient light.

04 Jul 2013

Adrian Blue

Promotional portraiture of Adrian Blue for Catherine Rush‘s play “The Loudest Man on Earth” produced by TheatreWorks July 10 – August 4 2013, Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto, CA


Adrian Blue



Adrian Blue


28 May 2013

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been contracted as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s publicity and production photographer

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

13 May 2013

Fuji X100S Location Shoot with a single Speed Light

Using the Fuji X100S on location in Huntington Beach, CA with a very simple and portable lighting setup along with the lovely model Kiki. A Canon EX580II Speedlight, a Westcott 26″ Octa Rapid Box and inexpensive CowboyStudio triggers. I seldom use ETTL, but prefer manual flash exposures. The Speedlight was set at 1/8 power for all shots which is a huge advantage. Why? Well when combined with Eneloop XX 2500mH rechargeables it means the Speedlight’s recycle time is fast enough to catch the ever changing nuances of a woman’s expression.

For me the difference between a killer shot and a good one is often found in the slightest change in expression. Waiting for my flash to recycle can prevent me from grabbing that killer shot and that is just not acceptable. Because I can reduce the environment’s ambient light due to the Fuji’s leaf shutter’s high sync speed I can reduce the flash’s power setting which equals a faster recycle rate. And remember, I’m shooting all of these through a modifier too which in this case I estimate reduces the flash’s power by at least one full stop. As in these shots I almost always use the Westcott’s optional Beauty Dish Reflector Plate in the Octa. I prefer the spread of light the dish produces rather than shooting a speed light directly at the front diffuser. A little trick I learned is to set my Speed Light Zoom to its maximum, in this case 105mm. To my eye doing so gives me almost an extra stop of flash power without actually taxing the flash.

Each of the images displays the shutter speed, aperture and ISO. I find that with this little setup allows for some amazing on location sessions with very little fuss.

Although I tend to work with assistants, this was not the case for this session. There’s something very satisfying about occasionally working solo.


1/500th, f3.2 ISO 200



1/640, f4.0 ISO 200



1/640, f4.0 ISO 200


30 Jan 2013

Kathryn Zdan

Kathryn Zdan, Actress

01 Jan 2013

Grey Gardens

5th Avenue Theatre and A Contemporary Theatre (ACT) publicity imagery for their co production of Grey Gardens.

Jessica Skerritt-Stokinger and Patti Cohenour


01 Jan 2013

John & Jen

Hillbarn Theatre publicity imagery for their 2013 production of John & Jen

06 Dec 2012

Duo Flor de Piel

Duo Flor de Piel
Laetitia Olivia and Patricio Touceda

Laetitia Olivia and Patricio Touceda


Laetitia Olivia and Patricio Touceda

Laetitia Olivia and Patricio Touceda

14 Nov 2012

Giuseppe Finzi Resident Conductor San Francisco Opera

Giuseppe Finzi – Resident Conductor, San Francisco Opera
On location portraiture session 2012 – Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

Giuseppe Finzi

Giuseppe Finzi

Giuseppe Finzi


31 Oct 2012

Stanford Symphony Orchestra

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been named the production and publicity photographer for Stanford Symphony Orchestra

19 Oct 2012

Robyn Tribuzi Dance Troupe

In studio dance portraiture, Robyn Tribuzi’s Dance Troupe

Robyn Tribuzi Dance Troupe

16 Oct 2012

Pop Rocks

On location publicity sessions for Pop Rocks

11 Jun 2012

GrooveLily Portraiture

GrooveLily Portraiture

Brendan Milburn


Valerie Vigoda


Brendan Milburn


Valerie Vigoda


07 Jun 2012

The Marvelous Wonderettes

Publicity imagery for Broadway by the Bay‘s production of  The Marvelous Wonderettes

Amie Shapiro, Kristin Schmitz, Addie Walters and Ashley Rae Little

Ashley Rae Little, Addie Walters, Kristin Schmitz and Amie Shapiro
25 May 2012


5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of RENT publicity photography

Daniel Berryman, Aaron C. Finley, Naomi Morgan, Jerick Hoffer and Ryah Nixon.

17 May 2012

Theatrical Portraiture

Theatrical portraiture session. Lighting, photography, wardrobe and set design by Mark Kitaoka

Rebecca Frank - Actress

Charles Branklyn - Actor

Samantha Bruce - Actress

05 May 2012
30 Apr 2012