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Tag : 645Z High Speed Sync

04 Aug 2015

Priolite MBX1000 HotSync – Initial Tests

UPDATE June 2017

I am posting this link to another review I conducted converting a PCB Omni reflector to work with Bowens S mount lights. In that review I show several shots using HSS with my Pentax 645Z that relate to this post. You can view those images here. My apologies for not linking this sooner.

UPDATE: August 9 2015

Today I decided to test the Priolite with my Canon 1DX. Up until today I have only tested the Prio with my Pentax 645Z since it’s the primary reason I purchased the light. But a friend who’s a pro adventure photographer is considering the Prio for some extra oomph in terms of power. He’s currently a Profoto B1 user. I have also modified my PCB Retro Laser Reflector to a Bowen’s S mount to use it with the Priolite. In my experience Paul’s reflector is the best variable focusing long throw reflector on the market. So having the ability to use it with both Einsteins and the Priolites is perfect. The shots to the wall is at 70 feet. I specifically chose the crummiest time of day in terms of harsh ambient light to illustrate the power a 1000ws with HSS is capable of from the Priolite.

All of the following shots were taken at f2.8 ISO 100. Priolite at maximum power, 1000ws with OEM reflector attached.

No strobe in use as a baseline.

No strobe in use as a baseline.